Mrs. Clavy Cutinha

Working with the Commanding Officer and staff of RCSCC CHAUDIERE and NLCC ADVENTURE, the Milton Branch of the Navy League of Canada has been able to provide access to funding for training, educational and fun activities, trips and functions.

The Milton Branch has been co-sponsoring the Royal Canadian Sea cadet Corps (RCSCC) CHAUDIERE since 1985, and since January 2020, the Milton Branch launched yet another cadet unit, the Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC) ADVENTURE, solely sponsored by this branch.

Under the guidance and leadership of our President, Mrs. Clavy Cutinha, the Milton Branch of the Navy League of Canada oversees the development of over 100 young Miltonians ages 9-19.

Citizenship, Leadership and Community Service are the words that guide all volunteers of this branch.

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